Below are some of my recent photoshoots. Want to see more? Go to my Facebook page or Instagram!

Couple’s Photoshoot

I love taking photographs and here it is… The story… The story behind each photograph. I always have fun when my models are having fun as well. There was music, there was good weather, and people were very outgoing! Would definitely repeat a photoshoot with them.

Dogs are man’s best friends

I own a dog myself and I can’t imagine my life without a little guy next to me. This girl owns a dog as well and they are best friends too, like me and my dog. I was so delighted to meet them and to catch their moments together just playing around Washington DC.

Black and white wedding photoshoot

This was one of the first weddings in 2018 in Annapolis, Maryland. Couple and guests were very friendly and easy to talk to, I had a great time at the couple’s wedding. And I was very happy to meet this couple!

Man’s shoot

Not a lot of men like to have their photographs taken. His request was “do some unusual photoshoot with me.” It was a challenge, but a good one. I liked it, I hope that this person liked it as well.

Makeup trial

A girl wanted to do a trial makeup and later a photoshoot with this makeup. It was one of the interesting photoshoots I did in February and one of the fun photoshoots. Also, it was an indoor photoshoot and during a photoshoot I realized that my flash died and doesn’t want to turn on again. So, this photo shoot was done only with my camera.