Below are some of my recent photoshoots. Want to see more? Go to my Facebook page or Instagram!

Maternity photoshoot

Photoshoot in December. A mixture of black and white and photographs in color. I love taking black and white photographs whenever I have a chance. And I was happy when client said that she loves black and white photographs as well.

Dogs have photoshoots as well

Photoshoot on November 13, 2017. It was an interesting photoshoot and I’ve had such a nice models to shoot! I love animals and when someone brings animals to photoshoots, it makes photoshoots even more entertaining for me as well. I couldn’t be more happier to be their photographer!

Friend Shoot

This was one of the most recent photoshoots in Washington DC. People whom I’ve met were very lovely and I loved being their photographer! I was even entertained myself while I was taking photographs of them. I’m very happy that I met those people!