Below are some of my recent photoshoots. Want to see more? Go to my Facebook page or Instagram!

A Little Experiment

I was contacted by a makeup artist asking if I want to take a photo of her work. I replied that, yes, I would love to. In the end, it was one of my favorite photoshoots. I loved every part of it. Also, I loved her work. Since I don’t normally do these kinds of photoshoots, this is called “an experiment”.

Still Life Photoshoot

I like experimenting and being creative. One of the things where you actually have to think about and to be very creative is still life photography. No matter what are you taking photographs of in still life, even in food photography, you have to be creative. That’s one of my experiments and I actually enjoyed it.

Family Photoshoot

A family won a photoshoot from me in one of my giveaways. It was a family photoshoot in one of the local parks in Washington, DC area (near Annapolis, Maryland). I tried to make as relaxing and as fun as possible. And they’ve enjoyed it!

Fashion Photoshoot

During one of the photoshoots, model and I, decided to take a walk around the city. Also, during our walk, we decided to go to one of the restaurants that had an outdoor terrace and drank tea together (only I was behind the camera).

Wedding Photoshoot

This was one of my first weddings. And I loved every part of it, almost cried myself when bride and groom were saying vows to each other and kissed each other. There are only some of the photos because most people wanted to have privacy and didn’t want any photographs of themselves on the Internet.