Below are some of my recent photoshoots. Want to see more? Go to my Facebook page or Instagram!

Fashion Photoshoot

During one of the photoshoots, model and I, decided to take a walk around the city. Also, during our walk, we decided to go to one of the restaurants that had an outdoor terrace and drank tea together (only I was behind the camera).

Family Fun

It was one of the funnest photoshoots I’ve had that back in 2018. I loved having a picnic with mother and daughter. Also, I loved how mother and daughter were dancing. And how energetic both of them were!

Maternity Photoshoot

I always love when I get to have a photoshoot not only with “future moms to be” but also with their families. Especially I love when it when I get a chance to capture family photographs.

Dogs are man’s best friends

I own a dog myself and I can’t imagine my life without a little guy next to me. This girl owns a dog as well and they are best friends too, like me and my dog. I was so delighted to meet them and to catch their moments together just playing around Washington DC.

Black and white wedding photoshoot

This was one of the first weddings in 2018 in Annapolis, Maryland. Couple and guests were very friendly and easy to talk to, I had a great time at the couple’s wedding. And I was very happy to meet this couple!